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From:S.D.Price Date:August 4 2004 8:35am
Subject:User privileges on MySQL
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Hi I am a new user of Mysql and I have a couple of questions about user

1. I know I should set a password for the root account but I seem to
have two root accounts. One with access to all hosts % and one with
access to localhost. Which one should I set a password on, and what is
the difference between them?

2. Is the best way to set a password on the root to cd:\mysql\bin and
then go mysqladmin -u root password 'thepassword'

3. When I created an account with all privileges on all databases I
could not connect to a database with a username or password. I had to
use blank strings instead. Is this because I had 2 user accounts called
ANY (again one with access to all hosts % and one with access to

I removed these accounts and it forced me to login - should I have done
this, what were these accounts for?

4. Please tell me how I should ideally set up my user permissions

Many thanks

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