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From:Armando Date:August 4 2004 1:39am
Subject:RE: Security question
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In addition to Kevin's comments, make sure no one has physical access to
your server either, else security is a moot point. It's the same thing
as having a house that's alarmed and monitored up the wazoo, yet you
still leave the key under the doormat and the alarm code on a post-it
note on the wall :-)


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Subject: RE: Security question

> Whats to stop me from copying over my own 'mysql' data folder over an 
> existing one?
> I have already done this today and it allows me to access any
> databases
> sitting on the server with root access...
> How can I prevent something like this from happening?

Depends on the OS that you are using.  

Windows 9x, you can't stop it. 

Windows XP Home, you can't stop it. 

Windows nt/2000/XP Pro, you can set user permissions to prevent such
things from happening.

MySQL is only as secure (locally) as the operating system you are
running it on.


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