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From:Christian Mack Date:June 17 1999 5:48pm
Subject:Re: Need some beguinners help!
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Hi Oliver

Oliver Bentler wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> I am having similar problems, too. I would like to use MySql as a
> backend for my database-apps so I started evaluating the
> shareware-version you mentioned above.
< ... > 
> I need(!) to install MySql to a different directory and to have it run
> as a NT-service but I gave up.
> - If run as a service it cannot find its base-directory and I cannot
> pass these parameters

In fact you can, but you would have to set the parameters each time you start mysql by
hand in the SCM window.

> - As a workaround I installed it via App2Service which handles
> ServiceControlManagers requests to start MySqlD as a program (with
> having the possibilty to pass parameters). I can start it via "net start
> mysql-service" but I cannot stop it via the "net stop"-command but only
> using MySqlAdmin.


> I already read about those cnf-files but the shareware-version doesn't
> care about them, maybe it is implemented in later releases.

The configuration file C:\my.cnf works only in 3.22.xx releases.
So you are out of luck here, because the shareware version is 3.21.29

> What I need for serious evalution is:
> - MySql can be installed in any directory

This works reliable with the full licenced versions via the configuration file.

> - MySqlD must be implemented as a NT-Service handling SCM's request
> correctly (without having to use MySqlAdmin -uroot shutdown)

This works for me (3.22.16 and up)

> - MySqlD-service must read its configuration in any way. Normally this
> is done by storing "Parameters" in the MySql-service-section in the
> registry
> (.../CurrentControlSet/Services/MySql-Server/Parameters/basedir=...
> etc.)

This isn't necessary see above.

> Is there a version of MySqlD which fullfills these elementary needs?
> Otherwise I'll have to stop evaluating because I'd be wasting time with
> MySql.
> Bye - Oliver


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