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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 17 1999 10:43pm
Subject:Re: Service fails to start
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>>>>> "Glen" == Glen de Vries <gdev@stripped> writes:

Glen> Monty,
Glen> In response to your inquiries for our difficulty in starting mysql as a
Glen> service...

>> Which MySQL version ?

Glen> 3.22.20

>> Did you run 'mysqld-nt --install' ?

Glen> Yes, and I checked the registry. I have the same problem with mysqld-nt and
Glen> mysqld

>> If you are using the registered version, try using 'mysqld' instead of
>> mysqld-nt with a C:\my.cnf file that has the following entry:
>> [mysqld]
>> debug

Glen> I did a mysqld-nt --remove, then mysqld --install, then started it as a
Glen> service with the my.cnf. Here's what I got in the trace:


Glen> T@1    : | | >my_open
Glen> T@1    : | | | my: Name: '\my\share\english\errmsg.sys'  Flags: 36864
Glen> MyFlags: 0
Glen> T@1    : | | | error: Got error 2 on open
Glen> T@1    : | | <my_open


The problem is that somehow MySQL doesn't find the path to mysqld!
This works for me on my NT SP3 machine :(

Do you have a C:\my.cnf file ?

You can problaby solve the above with any of the following solutions:

- Install mysqld with full path:
  C:\mysql\bin\mysqld-nt --install

- Create a my.cnf file with the following information:


I shall add more information to mysqld trace log to find out exactly
what is going on if this happens for someone else.!


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