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From:Christian Mack Date:June 16 1999 6:29pm
Subject:Re: Need some beguinners help!
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Per Zetterlund wrote:
> I want to use MySQL to access a ODBC (MS Access) database
> from a php3 script. So I downloaded Win32 MySQL, but I can't
> understand how to configure it, or even get it started for that matter.
> I hope someone has the kindness to help me.
>   -- Per

Hi Per 

I assume you downloaded the trial/shareware version 3.21.29 of mysql.
Just install it.

After that you have to start the mysql server from a DOS commandline by:
C:\mysql\bin> mysqld --standalone

If you are on a NT4 machine, you alternatively can install the mysql server as service
C:\mysql\bin> mysqld --install
and then start it with:
c:\mysql\bin> net start mysql

For using mysql via ODBC you need the mysql ODBC driver called MyODBC.

You should read at least the C:\mysql\README file and the manual in the C:\mysql\Docs


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