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From:Michael Stearne Date:January 29 2000 7:31pm
Subject:Re: windows 95 version
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Make sure your ISP has mySQL loaded on their server (they probably do) then
what you do is create a mySQL database and use PHP3 as the scripting language
to talk to it.

Go first to for more info on PHP3.  It is very easy to
make a connection to a mysql database.  What you might do since you are on a
win95 machine is download Apache ( for Win32, PHP for
Win32 and MySQL for Win32, get them up and running on your local computer and
develop the scripts locally and then put them on your ISP's server when you
want them accessible via the web.


Quail Creek WTP wrote:

> How much is this?  Is it easy to use?  I don't have unix I have win 95 and
> I am looking for a fast easy way to create a small database that I can send
> weekly letters out to my customers!  My personal ISP will not allow me to
> use there cgi bin (dumb servers) doesn't support asp-db but they say they
> support php3 wich I have never heard of so here I go.. looking for clues!
> Any suggestions?  my sql?  Does it create databases that can be loaded on
> my ISP server and then does there programs run my searches..  using my
> database and my php3 code..
> Am I getting close?
> Jamie
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