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From:Christian Mack Date:June 8 1999 6:53pm
Subject:Re: What's got wrong with the table?
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Samir Guermach wrote:
> Hi
> I'm using mysql version 3.21.29a-gamma. After updating the blob column in a table
> "update test_table set image_blob=? where image_name=?", I can no more read the entries
> int the table.
> the table is defined as follows :image_name varchar(50) primary key, status integer,
> image_blob longblob.
> "select count(*) from test_table" returns 1, but select * from test_table returns
> empty set, and
> insert into test_table values('myimage', 2,null) returns error 1062: Duplicate entry
> 'myimage' for key 1
> thanks

Hi Samir

Seems your table is corrupted.
What is isamchk telling you?

I assume you used Java to make this update. 
Was there an SQLException while doing so?

How large is the image binary you tried to insert?


What's got wrong with the table?Samir Guermach8 Jun
  • Re: What's got wrong with the table?Christian Mack8 Jun