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From:Michael Stearne Date:January 21 2000 9:21pm
Subject:Re: MySQL and PHP problem
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Check your php3.ini file in, make sure under modules that mysql support is uncommented.


David Hugh-Jones wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a problem getting PHP to recognise MySQL, so I don't know where the problem is
> (and yes I have read manuals and FAQs on both sides!). Basically MySQL seems to have
> installed fine e.g. I can get a reading by entering 'mysqlshow' at the DOS prompt.
> Similarly PHP seems fine and is working through my server (PWS). But when I run 'phpinfo',
> it doesn't have any information relating to MySQL extensions in the resulting web page.
> Can anyone help? Sorry if I am barking up the wrong tree. I am running win98 by the
> way.
> Cheers
> David Hugh-Jones
> Permanent email: davidhj@stripped
> Tel: (01223) 526099
> Fax: (0870) 1307485

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