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From:Michael Widenius Date:May 25 1999 9:16am
Subject:RE: multiple queries in one
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>>>>> "Dennis" == =?iso-8859-1?Q?Dennis Thrys=F8e?= <iso-8859-1>
> writes:

>> At 8:57 PM +0200 5/23/1999, Dennis Thrysøe wrote:
>> >Is there any easy way, using the win32 client library, to send multiple
>> >queries in one? WHat I mean is for intance several statements
>> >seperated by a semicolon.
>> >If not, is this planned or considered?
>> What would you gain by doing this?
>> What would the return value be?
>> If two or more statements returned rows, how would you represent
>> the result set -- for example, what if they returned different
>> numbers of columns?

Dennis> I see this mostly as a way to make 'scripts' for building database
Dennis> structure. For instance a set of 'create table ' statements, or some insert
Dennis> into statements.

Dennis> The issue of returning results could be solved either by not returning
Dennis> anything on this type of queries, or by returning the result of the last
Dennis> executed statement withing the query.

Dennis> If for instance I would like to read a mysql table-dump (or something
Dennis> similar), in some other way than mysqldump, it would be smart if I could
Dennis> save splitting up the individual statements myslf.

In cases like above, its probably much simpler to create a function
yourself that takes multiple query strings.

We will at some stage add multiple queries to MySQL, but as we do
this, we also have to provide multiple result sets to solve the
general case.

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