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From:Michael Widenius Date:January 11 2000 1:28am
Subject:Re: MySQL Win32 installation
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>>>>> "Aaron" == Aaron Johnson <solution@stripped> writes:

Aaron> I believe there is a problem with the latest version for Win32 
Aaron> (3.22.29) in that does not contain the ISM or ISD files in for the
Aaron> mysql db.

Aaron> Is there a similar script to run on Win32 to create the tables, like
Aaron> under the Unix version? I copied the ones from 3.22.28 (or one of my
Aaron> past installs, hadn't done a "clean" install for a while) and all is
Aaron> well now.

Aaron> Any way that could be your problem, but you can look
Aaron> in the c:\mysql\data\mysql.err file and it says can't find
Aaron> hosts.ism then the above is the problem.

Aaron> Aaron Johnson


Aaron is right;  We are just building a new 3.22 version for Windows.
In the mean time you can always use the 3.22.28 version (or just take
the privilege tables from this).

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