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From:Chandra Date:May 26 1999 10:10am
Subject:Re: Over 30 connections possible?
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Thanks Monty, I just heard it in passing at a delphi user group
meeting.  I am not sure which OS it was in connection with.

However, a further query.  Does MySql support transation

Do you recommend MySql as the best freeware (for
non-commercial) DBMS on the market?  Sorry this is
probably too broad a question.  But if you have any comments
it would be appreciated.  I guess for me the other option at the
moment is interbase 4 which is offered free for the linux platform
I understand.


Michael Widenius wrote:

> >>>>> "Chandra" == Chandra  <chandra@stripped> writes:
> Chandra> I recently heard that mysql performs poorly when the no. of
> Chandra> connections reach over 30.  Is this true?
> Chandra> Thanks
> Chandra> Chandran
> Hi!
> I am not aware of anything like this.  MySQL is just creating a thread
> per connection, so if there is some problem on some specific OS, this
> is probably a OS related problem.  For example on Linux, there are
> users with runs MySQL with hundreds of active connections.
> Where did you here this and for what OS was this ?
> If this was on Windows machine, then this is probably because NT/Win98
> is really terrible when it comes to handling thread switching under
> high load!
> Regards,
> Monty

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