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From:Michael Widenius Date:January 8 2000 10:36pm
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>>>>> "Fredrick" == Fredrick Bartlett <palmtreefrb@stripped>
> writes:

Fredrick> Is my.cnf and options supported using mysqld-nt running as a service
Fredrick> "mysqld-nt --install". If so tell me what I an doing wrong with the
Fredrick> following syntax.

Fredrick> I have tried the following without success, using mysql 3.23.5 alpha on
Fredrick> NT4 sp4...

Fredrick> [mysqld-nt]
Fredrick> log=c:/logfile

Fredrick> AND I tried

Fredrick> [mysqld-nt]
Fredrick> log=c:\\logfile

Fredrick> What am I missing here.  I have every form of documentation available,
Fredrick> and I believe the above should work. I even refered to my new MySQL book
Fredrick> by Paul DuBois. And according to all the resources the above shoould be
Fredrick> correct.




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