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From:Paul DuBois Date:January 8 2000 7:02pm
Subject:Re: Changed since 3.21.31?
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At 5:34 PM +0100 2000-01-08, Dennis Thrysøe wrote:
>The following query produces an odd result when run against a mysql version
>SELECT field1, DATE_FORMAT(Start, '%e %b %Y') AS Start, DATE_FORMAT(End, '%e
>%b %Y') AS End FROM table1 WHERE ID = 17
>This query delivers a result like:
>field1 = somevalue; Start='e Apr 2000'; End = 'e May 2000'
>Did the date formatting tokens change since the mentioned version? (This
>query behaves well in my 3.22.28 instance). Or could it be a bug?
>Any help appreciated.

My guess is that %e was added as a format specifier sometime after 3.21.31,
because 3.21.31 appears to treat %e as simply e, which is what happens
for any unrecognized specifier.  Try %d and see if that works.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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