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From:Paul DuBois Date:January 2 2000 4:37pm
Subject:Re: Latest version of MySQLGUI for Windows !!
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At 3:48 PM +0200 2000-01-02, <sinisa@stripped> wrote:
>New version of MySQLGUI for Win32 , which runs on NT and 95/98, has just
>been released on the usual MySQL page:
>This is a beta, binary version of the MySQLGUI client, version 1.4a
>for Windoze.
>This is a first release of 1.+ MySQLGUI  versions for Windoze. It is
>practically   free  from  bugs, except one small, which you probably
>will not notice and is traced to fltk 1.0.7.
>We wanted to release this version before New Year, but did not succeed
>in it.. Reason for this lies in the fact that we were plagued by some
>compiler errors under Cygwin.
>This, Windoze version is identical to X version, except for the rules
>regarding writing necessary entries in my.cnf. Namely, unlike *nix,
>Windoze has drives. Until b release arrives, first backslash after
>drive: should be escaped, like this: d:\\mysql\\options_file. There is
>an example of a thorough and functioning my.cnf file included with
>this release of MySQLGUI.

Will mysqlgui behave as the other MySQL clients under windows,
where you can specify pathnames in my.cnf using d:/path/to/file
syntax (with a forward slash for a pathname separator)?

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped