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From:Ted Holmes Date:May 19 1999 1:16pm
Subject:suggestions on building DBD drivers under Windows NT
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I had a hard time building the DBD drivers for Perl under Windows NT, but I
finally succeeded and they seem to work fine.  I did my building several months
ago, but I assume things haven't changed since then.  Here are a few

1)  Don't confuse the win32 client package with the win32 server package.  When
you build the DBD drivers, you must point to the client package, not the server
package.  Otherwise, you will get memory stomps when you try to run.  I don't
know why the server package doesn't work.

2)  Set the path in the command window you are using to include
windows\system32, Perl stuff, and the C compiler ... I used Microsoft.  You
don't want anything else in your path; you may pick up a non-standard make or
rm or whatever.

3)  If you get a link error about a symbol defined twice, you will have to edit
mysql\dbdimp.c, and comment out the fake function pthread_cond_init(). 
However, the make files have trouble figuring out what you changed and don't
work properly, so I did the following:
      a)  zap the whole build area
      b)  unpack the DBD package again
      c)  run "perl" again
      d)  now edit that C file
      e)  run nmake, and it should build.  Now you can run "nmake test" and
"nmake install".

Hope the above helps...

suggestions on building DBD drivers under Windows NTTed Holmes19 May