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From:Christian Mack Date:May 19 1999 12:08pm
Subject:Re: MySQL on Windows NT Server 4
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NOEL-PIERRE Barthelemy wrote:
> Hello, I'm french and my english is not so good, so ...
> My problem is that, on my computer at home, i've installed MySQL
> Administration tools downloaded from, and when I try to
> connect to my provider's MySQL server (by modem connection), I've errors
> telling me that <<the host is not allowed to connect to
> the MySQL server >> ... and the address change obviously
> each time I connect to my provider !!!
> I've registered one time this address using Telnet, but because it changes
> every time, what could I do to be able to connect me to this Remote MySQL
> Server ?
> Please Help !!!

Hi Noel-Pierre

You can open mysql to you using wildcards in the Host column.
This obviously will allow each user of your ISP to connect to this mysql DBMS.

If this is OK for you, then use something like '' or '' as
host name for your mysql user.


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