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From:Christian Mack Date:May 19 1999 10:41am
Subject:Re: mySQL, Win32 - moving databasefiles to a new folder
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Peter Olsen wrote:
> Hi - I've got me a handfull trying to move some databasefiles from the
> default path (c:\mysql\data) to a user speficied path eg d:\mydb
> On my NT-Box mySQL installs nicely in c:\mysql per default
> I've read the documentation, where it states how to move the data files
> And I tried the different solutions - creating a my.cnf in the root etc ,
> without any luck
> I'm trying to run mySQL as a nt-service, nad it works great from the
> c:/mysql
> But this drive is my WinNT system drive, and I would like to have the
> databasefiles on a serie of drives running raid 5
> The NT-Box runs WinNT Server (servicepack 4), IIS 4.0 and mySQL version 3.22
> Thanks in the advance
> rgds/Peter Olsen

Hi Peter

We at COMPAL also have mysql 3.22.16 running on a NT 4.0 server SP4 as service.
It's datadir is set to D:\mysql\data in the C:\my.cnf and it works great.

The entry in the my.cnf file looks like this:
basedir = c:/mysql
datadir = d:/mysql/data
tempdir = d:/tmp

The only problems we had, are related to priviledges with the 'datadir'.
As it is running as service, System must have full rights on it.


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