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From:Paul DuBois Date:March 19 2003 10:46pm
Subject:Re: Virtual vs. Physical Memory
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At 14:28 -0800 3/19/03, Steven Pratt wrote:
>I'm running a small database (8MB) on a Windows 2000
>Professional, being called numerous times by an
>application.  We're having speed issues, so I tried to
>make the database run faster by altering the tables to
>HEAP...but it appears Windows is putting the HEAP
>tables in virtual memory (on the hard drive),
>defeating the purpose of making them HEAP - to keep
>them off the hard drive, to speed up the database.
>Any ideas?

Generally you want to reduce swapping by having as much physical
RAM in the machine as possible.  Do you have lots of processes
running and/or not much RAM?

Paul DuBois
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