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From:Paul DuBois Date:March 15 2003 6:22pm
Subject:Re: ODBC drivers for MySql
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At 8:17 +0530 3/15/03, Sawan Gupta wrote:
>Description: I want to use MySQL with Visual Basic 6.0
>I opened ODBC aplet in Control Panel. It didn't showed any drivers for
>How do I use MySQL then through VB 6.0?

You need to install MySQL Connector/ODBC (formerly known as MyODBC).
That'll give you the MySQL-specific driver for ODBC.

You can get it at

>Synopsis: ODBC Drives for MySQL
>Submitter-Id: sawan2k2@stripped
>Originator: Sawan Gupta
>Organization:   Sawan Soft!!!
>Release: 13 MB File
>System: Win XP Professional, 256 RAM, PIII 800 MHz.
>Compiler:      VB 6.0
>Sawan Gupta || sawan2k2@stripped || ||

Paul DuBois
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