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From:Paul DuBois Date:March 4 2003 11:46pm
Subject:Re: weeding out orphans
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At 15:34 -0800 3/4/03, Joel Fentin wrote:
>  > Have you tried increasing the size of the various max limits in the config
>>  file? I don't know of any mysql montoring tools that report processing
>>  like this.  If somebody knows of a tool like this I would like to know
>>  it though.
>>  One simple test I use for complex queries on huge db's is to make a db
>>  a small subset of the data to use as a test case.  I run the queries
>>  this subset and ensure I am getting the correct results as well as
>>  the time it take to execute.
>Thank you for getting back to me.
>It turned out that increasing the size of the buffer had no effect. Next I
>removed all but 1000 records from the table of interest. My query worked
>fine on the first try. But it took several minutes.
>Everything was probably working the whole time. I simply didn't leave it to
>execute all through the night.
>So, problem solved. Thank you

Solved but slow.  Do you have indexes on the columns that you're
using to join the two tables?

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