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From:Paul DuBois Date:January 19 2003 11:43pm
Subject:Re: SSL Problem
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At 8:45 -0600 1/19/03, Paul DuBois wrote:
>At 3:26 -0500 1/19/03, Russell Levy wrote:
>>I'm trying to get SSL to work on a windows XP client/server, and 
>>here's my problem:
>>I am able to compile properly, and the HAVE_OPENSSL variable is 
>>'YES'. However, after I add a user that "REQUIRES" SSL, i can't 
>>connect through the mysql client. I start mysqld using the option 
>>--ssl, and I use the same option to start the mysql client, but it 
>>doesn't seem to work. When I try to connect with a normal user 
>>using the C API with the CLIENT_SSL option, I get the error, "SSL 
>>connection error". It works when the CLIENT_SSL option is not set.
>>I also tried to use certificates, and when I started up mysqld it 
>>asked me for the password, but I still was not able to connect 
>>using any client with SSL turned on.
>>Any suggestions? Is this a Windows problem?
>Yep.  SSL connections are not supported on WIndows, only Unix.

I should clarify this a bit.  I meant that SSL connections are not
supported *by MySQL* on Windows.  Other Windows software may indeed
support SSL, but MySQL doesn't, yet.


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