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From:Paul DuBois Date:January 12 2003 3:30am
Subject:Re: Problems installing additional instances of mysql 4.0.x as a
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[followups to mysql@stripped deleted]

At 0:15 +0000 1/12/03, My Deja wrote:
>I have been trying to install additional instances of
>mysqld 4.0.x as a service on Windows 2000, but it
>seems that only one set of parameters.
>'mysqld --install connectionname --port=3307
>--datadir=c:\mysql\datadir2' does not work  but
>mysqld --install connectionname --port=3307
>mysqld --install connectionname
>Is this a bug?

Can you cite some documentation that states that what you've
tried should work?

>I am going to pass a customised options file
>--defaults-file=c:/mydefaults to see if that will
>However I would prefer most of it to be on the command line.