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From:Paul DuBois Date:January 12 2003 12:20am
Subject:Re: How does the MySQL shutdown process works.
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[I've removed mysql@stripped from this reply, because
it's a win32-specific question]

At 23:04 +0000 1/11/03, My Deja wrote:
>I'd like to know how MySQL shuts down.
>Where can I find more about the process, first with
>mysqladmin shutdown, and when it shuts down as a
>result of Windows shutting down, eirhter as a service
>or from the command line or a batch file?
>With InnoDb I always receive a message about
>recovering when InnoDB starts. This is from a  batch
>file in the Start Menu and it seems that MySQL does
>not shutdown properly when Windows is shutdown. Is
>there a mechanism for getting  MySQL to shutdown
>properly when Windows is shutdown, besides using
>mysqladmin shutdown?
>I am now running MySQL as a service on Win2000, are
>there errors on shutdown I do not see, or does the
>service method shutdown smoothly?

If you're not running the MySQL server as a service, you should use
mysqladmin to shut down the server manually before shutting
down Windows itself.  Otherwise the server just gets killed

If you run the server as a service, then the Windows service
manager will shut down the server during the Windows shutdown
process.  This should result in a clean shutdown with no fixups
necessary the next time the server starts.

Note, if you enable named pipe connections, that can sometimes
be a cause of shutdown problems.  So you may want to disable
them (or rather, not enable them) and see if it helps.