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From:Michael Widenius Date:May 14 1999 3:39pm
Subject:Win32 MySQL C API Linking-compiling
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>>>>> "Ashok" == Ashok Rajkumar M <rajkumar007@stripped> writes:

Ashok> Hi,
Ashok>  How can I Link(Compile) my MySQL C API under Windows NT OS.
Ashok> I tried using MySQL's Manual, but I get error.

Ashok> Pls Help me out.


What error did you get ?
How did you try to link your applications with mysqlclient.lib ?

Did you use the library that is included with the 'MySQL 3.22.14
clients' distribution from ?

Win32 MySQL C API Linking-compilingAshok Rajkumar M14 May
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