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From:Michael Widenius Date:November 26 1999 1:52pm
Subject:Re: win32 and --init-file directive
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>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Ruby <stever@stripped> writes:

Steve> Carrying on my own thread here....
Steve> I also find the following, if I execute 3.23.5a version with
Steve> mysqld --init-file=c:\\my3.23.cnf -P3307 it runs but doesn't
Steve> appear to read c:\my3.23.cnf

Steve> if I run
Steve> H:\webdbs\mydata>mysqld --init-file=c:\\my3.23.cnf --port=3307
Steve> --datadir=h:\\webdbs\\mydata3307 > err
Steve> mysqld: unrecognized option `--init-file=c:\\my3.23.cnf'

Steve> I get the error line and the server does not run, it outputs the output
Steve> of mysqld --help to the redirect file

Steve> Steve Ruby wrote:
>> Steve Ruby wrote:
>> >
>> > The term "init-file" doesn't exist in the manual.html
>> > file for 3.23.5a so I may be getting this wrong, but I don't think
>> > that my win32 copy is respecting this directive.
>> >
>> Sorry I mean that it is NOT respecting the --init-file= directive
>> see below.
>> > My main server is running 3.22.26a for win32 c:\my.cnf
>> > specifies databases are in h:\websbs\mydata\
>> > works fine.  I want to do some work with 3.23 so I installed
>> > it an attempt to run another copy like this
>> >
>> > c:\mysql3.23\bin> mysqld --init-file=c:\my3.23.cnf -P3307
>> >
>> > the mysqld part of c:\my3.23.cnf looks like this:
>> >
>> > [mysqld]
>> > tmpdir=c:\\temp
>> > datadir=h:\\webdbs\\mydata3307
>> > set-variable=key_buffer=85M
>> > set-variable=record_buffer=1M
>> > set-variable=table_cache=128
>> > set-variable=sort_buffer=5M
>> > set-variable=join_buffer=5M
>> > set-variable=tmp_table_size=30M
>> > set-variable=max_heap_table_size=14M
>> > skip-name-resolve
>> > port=3307



I think you have missed a small point here:  The --init-file command
is to get MySQL to execute a bunch of SQL commands at startup (for
example to copy MyISAM tables to HEAP tables).

If you want to make MySQL to read another options file, you should
use the command:

mysqld --defaults-file=c:\my3.23

You can check that the variables are properly set by doing:

mysqld --defaults-file=c:\my3.23 --help


PS: Sorry for the late reply;  I am still trying to catch up with the
    mails that piled up during my vacation.
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