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From:Norman Bird Date:February 3 2009 3:21pm
Subject:Re: variable searching with FULLTEXT
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thanks to everyone that suggest sphinx and helped with my question. I now
feel on better footing after getting some feedback from peers.



On Tue, Feb 3, 2009 at 4:27 AM, Haktan Bulut <HBU@stripped> wrote:

> Hi Norman,
> If you are willing to move the searching outside MySQL-space, you might
> look at:
> We use it at Fullrate with a PHP front-end to index/search in mail
> correspondence with our customers.
> Regards,
> Haktan
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> From: Norman Bird [mailto:steelpulsefan@stripped]
> Sent: 3. februar 2009 01:44
> To: denmark@stripped
> Subject: variable searching with FULLTEXT
> I'm developing a search form for an online journal/diary where the user can
> search the data for any words or even Boolean format. I want what FULLTEXT
> provide, but fulltext requires a constant string. that appears to be only
> good for ad hoc queries from the command line.
> How do you guys handle user forms where the search data is dynamic?
> Interested in how evertone handles that situation. All I see available is
> using "LIKE"
> I.E.
> select * from journal where 'text' like '%dreams%'
> But is there a way to do:
> select * from journal, match(text) against('dreams');
> but find a way to input the users variable instead of the constant string
> against('dreams')?
> Like how does google and yahoo and the like handle their dynamic searches?
> let me know what method you use. I'm using PHP BTW
> thanks all
> Norman

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