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From:Haktan Bulut Date:February 3 2009 9:27am
Subject:RE: variable searching with FULLTEXT
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Hi Norman,

If you are willing to move the searching outside MySQL-space, you might look at:

We use it at Fullrate with a PHP front-end to index/search in mail correspondence with our

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Subject: variable searching with FULLTEXT

I'm developing a search form for an online journal/diary where the user can
search the data for any words or even Boolean format. I want what FULLTEXT
provide, but fulltext requires a constant string. that appears to be only
good for ad hoc queries from the command line.

How do you guys handle user forms where the search data is dynamic?

Interested in how evertone handles that situation. All I see available is
using "LIKE"

select * from journal where 'text' like '%dreams%'

But is there a way to do:

select * from journal, match(text) against('dreams');

but find a way to input the users variable instead of the constant string

Like how does google and yahoo and the like handle their dynamic searches?

let me know what method you use. I'm using PHP BTW

thanks all

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