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From:Morgan Tocker Date:August 22 2005 7:57am
Subject:Re: Search thru all fields in a table
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> > Is there a shortcut way (rather than manually doing a SQL Statement for
> > each column), to search ALL columns in a table ?

> A FULLTEXT index can cover multiple columns.

My 2c followup on from Arjen's comment.. 

I used it in MySQL 4.0, but not since.  Does anyone know if it is any
faster now?  I had some slight performance issues though.  It says
speed improvements is still todo @

FULLTEXT is probably nice when you are searching across so many (some
non relevant fields) as it has algorithmic goodness in it that makes
the more frequently occurring words have less weighting in the
relevancy fomula...  really handy.

It also has to common search engine +keyword -anotherword syntax.

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