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Threads for Aug 2009

GSoC Week 10 - FINALmessageDerek Schaefer26 Aug
about my project.messagesHaihao Tang, Sergei Golubchik21 Aug
August 10 to 16_KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS_Synchronizing Database/TablesmessageZahra Naeem19 Aug
August 3 to 9_KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS-Synchronising databases/tablesmessageZahra Naeem19 Aug
GSoC tracking mechanism, status report August 11th - August 18thmessageAlexander Rutkowski18 Aug
GSoC Week 9 - Final evaluations, ahoy!messageDerek Schaefer17 Aug
GSoC Week 15 - I_S/P_S storage enginemessagesHaihao Tang, Sergei Golubchik17 Aug
GSoC Week 14 - FINAL | per query variable settings messagesJoseph Lukas, Sergei Golubchik17 Aug
GSoC tracking mechanism, status report August 3rd - August 10thmessageAlexander Rutkowski10 Aug
GSoC Week 14 - I_S/P_S storage enginemessageHaihao Tang10 Aug
GSoC Week 14 - August 2 - August 9| per query variable settingsmessagesJoseph Lukas, Sergei Golubchik10 Aug
GSoC Week 8 - Almost there!messageDerek Schaefer6 Aug
GSoC Week 13 - I_S/P_S storage enginemessagesHaihao Tang, Sergei Golubchik4 Aug
GSoC Week 12 - I_S/P_S storage enginemessageHaihao Tang3 Aug
GSoC tracking mechanism, status report July 25th - August 2ndmessageAlexander Rutkowski3 Aug
GSoC Week 13 - July 27 - August 2 | per query variable settingsmessageJoseph Lukas2 Aug