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From:Sergei Golubchik Date:March 28 2008 6:17pm
Subject:Re: Mysql full text search feature for GSoC
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On Mar 28, Andreas Sotirakopoulos wrote:
> Hi,
> A year ago my employer asked me to deliver a search engine project in
> PHP that would search in Greek Law texts stored in a database and
> produce results depending on the key phrase he entered. I went for
> MySQL naturally and I found that it didn't have a critical feature.
> When you search in full text search for, let's say, +danger* +wol* you
> get results like the following:
> The dangerous wolves blah blah Dangerous blah blah blah wolves
> This is not what I needed. I needed only the first case and under no
> circumstances the second one. This has to do with the fact that in Law
> texts, phrases are really important and as the results can be millions
> you need to be precise and avoid unnecessary results like the second
> case.
> This is something that MS SQL does (by giving "danger wol*"). It would
> be great to add this feature in MySQL because in languages like Greek
> where verbs conjugate this feature is often invaluable. I had to go
> for MS SQL but PHP does not play so well with MS SQL 2000 and so I
> feel that GSoC is a great opportunity to amend this.
> I think that it could be a great addition to MySQL and it can be
> combined, in case it is too small for a GSoC project, with unsafe
> optimizations in Full-Text Search in natural language mode (simple,
> can provide ~100+ times speedup) WL#1171). I would be very happy to
> undertake such a project.

Sounds good, did you submit an application already ?
Regards / Mit vielen Grüssen,

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