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From:Colin Charles Date:May 24 2007 12:43pm
Subject:The Summer of Code is going to begin - some quick pointers
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Hello Coders of Summer,

You are soon going to begin embarking on your Summer of Code projects. I 
am very excited for all of you

Executive summary:

1. You need good reporting, do this via a blog
2. You need to host your code in a SCM, do this via

Now, a word about keeping track of changes

We all like to see what you're doing. So, my advise is to get a blog -,, and so forth, will host 
your blog for free. Its also important that your blog gets fed to the 
ever popular Planet MySQL - This is useful for 
reporting and believe me when I say this, will make your task to get 
your second payment so much easier

Now onto code. Thats what you were all brought on board to do. Where do 
you place this code, you're wondering? MySQL still uses the "ancient" 
technology for source control management called BitKeeper. It is not 
free, and you need a license. The best thing to do, is clearly to host 
your project at You will be given access to a decent 
SCM, and you can check in often (you'll want to do this - hard disk 
problems strike even more often in the summer ;-) )

Now, if you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to hit the 
list, or contact me. My contact details are in my .signautre, and you're 
welcome to even call, when you need me

	kind regards & happy coding this summer
Colin Charles, Community Relations Manager, APAC
MySQL AB, Melbourne, Australia,
Mobile: +614 12 593 292 / Ekiga/Skype: colincharles

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The Summer of Code is going to begin - some quick pointersColin Charles24 May