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From:Giuseppe Maxia Date:March 18 2008 10:17am
Subject:Re: Adding Lua support to the mysql command-line client
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thanks for explaining your ideas.
I added your contribution to an ad-hoc wiki page.
Feel free to expand on that page (registration required)

Best regards

KishoreKumar Bairi wrote:
> Hi..
> I am happy that this year also mysql is participating in SOC.
> I am interested in mysql development as part of SOC.
>>From the project Ideas page I found, *Adding Lua
> <>support to the
> mysql command-line client *interesting.
> I want to know more about this project.
> and here is what I understood.
> Please correct me If I am wrong and add if I'm missing something.
>    - *Purpose of the project:*
> This gives more flexibility to the user by providing him a feature to
> execute a program(written by him in lua)
> I feel this feature serves the same purpose as Shell Scripting in Unix or
> m-file programs in matlab.
> SQL file is also an executable script, but it is just a QUERY language and
> its not like a full fledged programming lanugage
> and so there comes the need for proper programming environment and this
> project is going to provide it.
> since we are adding support of a programming language. It enables user to
> build applications using this programming language
> and hence it leads to the personalization of mysql interface.
>    - *Why only LUA*? :
> LUA is proven to be fast,portable,small yet powerful and most importantly *
> Embeddable*.
> It is easy to extend Lua with libraries written in other languages.
> It is also easy to extend programs written in other languages with Lua.
>    - *How it works?*
>    - user issues the command for lua script execution.
>       - lua interpreter will be invoked.(which is *lua.c* file as
>       mentioned in documentation of lua)
>       - while executing the script it builds the mysql command.
>       - and now we call the same functions of mysql library which are
>       called when that built command was directly given on command line client.
>       - So, ultimately here we are doing the same thing but prepending
>       the process with an additional step.
>       - (*This is just my understanding. **Please correct me if am
>       wrong. **)*
>    - *How this can be done?*
>    - firstly I should add a feature to command line client to invoke
>       interpreter when proper command for execution of lua script is given.
>       - next step is regarding Lua library and interpretation. The
>       library is available from Lua and Interpreter is also written by them
>       - It depends on us if we are willing to use their Interpreter of
>       write our own from scratch(I feel its useless to reinvent the wheel).
>       - In the interpreter we have to add functionality to hand over
>       the control to an intermediate(new) program(to be written).
>       - this new program maps the  command command handed by
>       interpreter to the mysql functionality which is supposed to be executed.
>       - (*am I right?)*
> *
> *
>    - *Qualifications:*
>    - programming skills: c++,lua
>       - Idea of compilers.(how they work?)
>       - knowledge mysql command line client source.
>    1. Am I right? If not please correct me. and guide me to know it
>    better.
>    2. Kindly give me some keywords or reference which would help me in
>    knowing this better.

Giuseppe Maxia, Community Team Leader
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