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From:Giuseppe Maxia Date:March 17 2008 11:04pm
Subject:Re: An idea for SOC 2008
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Thanks for your interest in SoC.
Your intention is commendable, but I have a question.
Why writing a new in-memory engine, when you can get the same result now in 
a few minutes with MyISAM , by setting the data directory on a RAM disk?
If you do that, you have a fully functional engine that can work with BLOB 
and TEXT columns. Your only limitation is the amount of RAM in your box.
As for persistence, you can achieve that by replicating the database to a 
more durable storage.

Another possibility is to use Brian Aker's memcached engine (check his blog 
for more info).

Can you redefine your project, taking into account the above remarks?



Sergey Kudriavtsev wrote:
> Hello, MySql team!
> I would like to work on MySql GSoC idea of creating new in-memory engine.
> Not only is this a very interesting area of work, but I'm in need of 
> such engine for myself.
> The main thing I'd like to implement ASAP is an engine with ability to 
> handle large dynamic-length data
> (BLOBs and TEXTs).
> Best regards,
> Sergey Kudriavtsev

Giuseppe Maxia, Community Team Leader
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