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From:Derek Schaefer Date:August 26 2009 9:51pm
Subject:GSoC Week 10 - FINAL
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Greetings all, this will be the last of my required updates. Now, that
does not mean I will stop posting (about phpMyAdmin or otherwise), but
rather this will be the last of the official "Google Summer of Code,
Pt. # [ _____ ]" sequence of GSoC related updates and status reports.
Nor does it spell the end of my contributions to phpMyAdmin, although
the amount of time I will be able to contribute will be cut back
drastically (read: no longer ~25hrs/week, or whatever the average
actually was), what with school starting up again in a few weeks, work
(on campus job), and other collegiate activities, but I will spend as
much time as is reasonable contributing to PMA.

Last week I successfully merged my branch back into the trunk, but
without the glorious automation of "svn merge" unfortunately.
Ultimately, I had to do it the old fashion way by copying and moving
files around, and using diff/patch where necessary. It wasn't a
terribly painful or drawn out experience, but it would have been nice
if SVN had worked as advertised. Now, whether the fault was my own for
somehow messing up my branch along the way so that it couldn't be
merged, I don't know. I tried methods listed for every major release
of SVN, and none of them worked correctly. For what it's worth,
keeping my branch in sync with the trunk was incredibly easy.

I hope you all make good use of my new import/export additions. Even
though GSoC is over, I want everyone to know that I still welcome any
suggetions or critiques regarding my changes. Don't hesitate to
request a new import/export modules, addition featuers for existing
ones, or really anything else. I'll be around. =D

I have a few changes that I have been waiting to make until everyone
was done merging their branches back into the trunk, as I didn't want
to cause additional conflicts. I believe that everyone is done with
their merging at this point, so I will be applying these changes soon.

It's been great working with all of you! And to my fellow students, I
hope that you'll stick around and keeping contributing as well.

-Derek Schaefer
GSoC Week 10 - FINALDerek Schaefer26 Aug