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From:Derek Schaefer Date:August 6 2009 8:17pm
Subject:GSoC Week 8 - Almost there!
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Hey! Good luck to everyone as we near the end of GSoC!

Key Accomplishments Last Week/This Week

 - Completed both the XLS and XLSX import AND export modules, which
means I am done... and then some!
 - Minor bugfixes in the import library.

Key Tasks that Stalled Last Week

 - For the longest time, I wasn't able to find an XLS reader library
with a compatible license, but as of this week, I have! w00t! It's
called PHPExcel and can read/write XLS AND XLSX files!

Key Concerns

 - Figuring out why my import information panel does not display with
either the new XLS or XLSX import modules.

Tasks in the Upcoming Week

 - Minor bugfixes and optimizations across the board.
 - Make sure all the code is formatted and documented correctly.
 - Make sure all applicable strings are in the localization file.
 - Append information on how to use my new MySQL type-detection
functions to the import wiki page.

-Derek Schaefer
GSoC Week 8 - Almost there!Derek Schaefer6 Aug