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From:Joseph Lukas Date:July 26 2009 9:33pm
Subject:GSoC Week 12 - July 20 - July 26 | per query variable settings
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I managed to get the variables to update by the standard update and  
check functions.  It took a little doing but currently does work. I  
implemented so far all variables in the system_variables struct of  
type ulong, ulonglong, uint, my_bool.  This however is in name only as  
I still have to associate them with the proper command line name as  
some are different as my usual example sort_buffer_size ==  
sortbuff_size.  The key seemed not to copy and change the value in the  
set_var value variable but to make a new set_var with a new Item with  
the old setting.  This is because there are a lot of different types  
of the Item class and each can hold value differently and so this was  
much simpler.  I do not like using a lot of if statements but I guess  
that is what a switch statement is anyways. The issue for the plugin  
variables though is going to be determining a type of Item to create.   
Almost all are of type Item_int but still will cause issues.   
Currently the parser builds the Item as it detects which rule it is  
under but the rule may not be what the variable is stored as either.   
For example it detects a NUM literal and is of a size that fits in INT  
variable type and builds an item of INT type but the variable is of  
type ulong and the variable currently stored will not fit in an INT  

  None so far but will stall on finding the type of variable a plugin  
variable is as this is a required determinant in making a proper Item  
the set_var constructor needs to setup properly and take advantage of  
all current update functions.

  I should be able to find the remainder of the variable types to make  
the necessary items for the Set_vars.

  Determining the variable type of the plugin variables.  This will  
make or break the entire setup as being able to make the ITEM of the  
current setting is the critical point. I also have yet to know how to  
move through the plugin variables list in order to even get to the  
variables.  I also need to know the structure of the variable setup. I  
see the variables->dynamic_variables has a pointer to the head of the  
list but how is the structure defined to get the value of the dynamic  
variable at all.  Is the setup inside like next, previous, value, name  
etc.   This is really important to get this and I hope it is standard  
in layout if not that will cause issues I do not know if I can work  

  Finish for the other variables.  Run test suite. Look at dynamic  
variables as this will be an issue due to type unless it is stored  
within the structure of the variable. 
GSoC Week 12 - July 20 - July 26 | per query variable settingsJoseph Lukas26 Jul