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From:scut_tang Date:July 23 2009 12:42pm
Subject:Re: GSoC Week 11 - I_S/P_S storage engine
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Hi, Sergei

Yes. you can check it by - cancel comment in infoschema_dicover():
    if(field_length > MAX_FIELD_VARCHARLENGTH)
        new_field = new Field_blob(field_length, maybe_null, fields_info->field_name,
and SELECT * FROM INFOSCHEMA.PLUGINS occurs errors. something cross the border.
If I replace Field_blob by Field_varstring. It works.

Another question: 
Add "#define MYSQL_SERVER 1" in source file, and THD *thd->something works.
But there are lots of others thing couldn't, like GRANT_TABLE, GRANT_COLUMN.
mysql_priv.h does not contain their definition.
So I can't do something like GRANT_TABLE *gtable directly in source file. I do it in this
Add some functions connected with GRANT_TABLE in
There are lots of this function in
char *get_grant_table_user(GRANT_TABLE *gtable)
    return gtable->user;
You can check it in the new branch code.
I think this way is not  a good idea. Is there any good way?


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