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From:Joseph Lukas Date:July 19 2009 4:23pm
Subject:GSoC Week 11 - July 13 - July 19 | per query variable settings
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Looking further into the set_var class structure as this will be key  
to triggering all the proper reset functions for the variables.  I  
also removed the additional system_variables struct from the THD.    
Not much actual code work as looking into more of the structures that  
make up set_var.  It looks like the main part is the public variable  
value inside set_var this is of type Item * which contains the values  
to be set.  Currently though it appears that the value inside the Item  
class is of type String stored inside of str_value.  So far I assume  
this is where the value is stored and is converted to the proper type  
later.  The idea is now that I find the associated current value  
before the change takes place I have to convert it to a string and  
insert it into set_var's  var->value->str_value since so far I do not  
see where the value is stored elsewhere inside of set_var class.  If I  
am wrong please inform me where the value is stored inside set_var  

Properly getting and resetting the variables to perform after update  
functions.  I need to find where in set_var the value is stored.  I  
may have found it but I am not too sure as printing values stored  
inside of the structures is a pain.  I am not used to performing print  
operations on structures not using the C++ standard library and it is  
frustrating. Many of the variable names I assume store what I think  
but they are not very descriptive always in the code so I am only  
making guesses.  If I do not get the right values or types inserted  
nothing will work properly anyways.  There also may be structures  
inside of it that are not even used I assume all of them are.  Not all  
system variables are of the same type and there seems to be some ways  
this is taken into account so far it looks like the Lex string from  
the parser is inserted as a string into the item then a type is  
defined and this is converted later into bool, ulong, or other types.   
If this works out to be the case fine. If not then this will be what I  
am working on. I can only guess what the names mean and so what they  
are used for.  Not too many comments in the code give a really good  
variable dictionary of the variables purpose, guessing is not always  
the best idea.

None so far as I am back in the hole of getting the current setting  
before changing it and putting it in the set_var structure to use the  
update functions at the end to reset the variables to previous  
settings.  This is my biggest roadblock and it has not gone well for  
the past few weeks.

I did not even know of the future plugin settings that are going to  
have to be looked at.  That is on hold since I need to get past my  
current issue before looking at the other.

Getting the current session value stored inside a set_var structure  
properly to call proper update functions.


GSoC Week 11 - July 13 - July 19 | per query variable settingsJoseph Lukas19 Jul
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