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From:Derek Schaefer Date:July 16 2009 8:42pm
Subject:GSoC Week 5 - I'm still here!
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Hey all,


 - Decided upon a more visually appealing, and intuitive, import
notification interface that is displayed in the same box as "Import
has been successfully finished, X queries executed" when applicable.
 - Removed the ODS import plug-in's dependency on an unreliable column
descriptor tag.
 - Improved the MySQL type detection algorithm by fixing a mistake
that was classifying NULL entries as varchar(4), as well as a few
other outstanding issues. You should notice vastly improved
type-detection accuracy.
 - Started my own branch under "/branches/gsoc/derek/". The branch
runs on this phpMyAdmin demo server, where you will be able to test
and play with my new features from here on out. There are still some
issues to be resolved regarding how to best keep it updated against
the trunk, but it will help me to better resolve any incompatibilities
between my changes and the trunk as they crop up, instead of at the
end of GSoC.


 - Tracking down an issue with PMA_Message that was causing header
problems as well as strange character anomalies to appear on the
import page. This problem is resolved as of this week, though.
 - This did not occur last week (and it is mentioned in other places
in this post), but the maintenance of my branch. I seem to be
unintentionally reverting trunk changes when I commit my own.


 - At this point, my biggest concern is how to most effectively manage
my branch. This has turned out to be more of a hastle than I had
initially anticipated. I'm sure once I figure out the correct sequence
that I must complete for each commit, I'll be fine.
 - Finishing the ODS plug-in so I can move on to an Excel format (even
though M$ Office can now export to ODS with an official add-on). I
will be saving CSV for last.


 - Determine the correct way to keep my branch in sync with the main
trunk. Marc suggested using "svn merge," which I tried but it failed
to bring a few changes over. Maybe my branch was initialized
 - Improve support for Excel ODS files. Currently, there are a couple
issues regarding cells which previously contained data but which was
deleted, leaving empty XML tags.
 - Related to the last task, in some cases where there are more than
one empty cell in a row the attribute
'table:number-columns-repeated="_" ' will be used to designate how
many blank cells there are in sequence. This problem affects both
OpenOffice and Excel ODS files.
 - Add the ability to detect important Excel/ODS spreadsheet types,
such as currency and percents, so they will no longer be classified as
varchar due to the inclusion of symbols ($, %, etc.)

-Derek Schaefer
GSoC Week 5 - I'm still here!Derek Schaefer16 Jul