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From:Derek Schaefer Date:July 9 2009 3:41pm
Subject:GSoC Week 4 - MelODS Music to My Ears
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Key Accomplishments Last Week

 - Created the ODS (Open Document Spreadsheet) plug-in. It is fairly
rudimentary now, but it is still capable of importing multiple sheets.
I will be making a post about this soon.
Improved upon the existing XML export plug-in. Users can now export
the schemas for tables, views, triggers, functions, and procedures.
Each of them can be excluded or included in the export as seen fit by
the user. The user can also choose to export only the schemas and none
of the data.
 - Optimized the XML import plug-in again. Also, I began using the
PMA_importGetNextChunk function again, so full support for compressed
files has been restored for the XML plug-in. It is still not terribly
efficient as I merely accumulate a buffer string that contains the
entire file to be imported. At some point I hope to use the
PMA_importGetNextChunk function as it was intended (work only on the
smallest portion of the file at a time as possible, to keep memory
usage more or less steady in a minimalist fashion), but that will
likely be a far off goal, as it would essentially require recreating
PHP’s SimpleXML implementation. We shall see.
 - Created a simple interface for the import system which you can see
below. It included links to view the contents of the structures
created, and links to all the corresponding options pages that allow
the user to change names, collations, etc. The interface is displayed
after a successful import that uses the new extensions. There are
still some kinks to work out, though. In some instances it does not
display a created or altered structure if there was no data inserted
into it. These issues will be worked out soon.

The New Import Interface:

Key Tasks that Stalled Last Week
 - For the time being, I pretty much put the CSV plug-in improvements
on the back-burner, as it involved opening a whole other can of worms,
much like the XML plug-in. Although, at least I won’t have to create
the CSV plug-in from scratch.

Key Concerns
 - How to approach some particulars with the ODS format. Mostly these
are implementation decisions that will, ideally, be taken care of

Tasks in the Upcoming Week
 - Improve the ODS import plug-in. In its current state it is rather
limited, but here is a lot of potential here (and, equivalently, for
an Excel compatible format).
 - Make my code more pretty for the midterm evaluation.
 - Finish making the modifications to the CSV plug-in (Not necessarily
in the next week, but soon).
 - Make some corrections and additions to the Open Document
Spreadsheet export module and the PMA_createOpenDocument function. I
will at least make it compliant with my import plug-in and the
contents and settings it relies on, but I may also bring it more up to
speed in other areas (I will address what these are in my post about
the ODS format).
GSoC Week 4 - MelODS Music to My EarsDerek Schaefer9 Jul