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From:scut_tang Date:July 1 2009 4:59am
Subject:Re:GSoC Week 8 - I_S/P_S storage engine
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>KEY CONCERNS >============ >1.I want to know more about how to debug MySQL
> internal. Before this project, I always used gdb to debug mysqld and it worked well. > 
> But in this project, I meet some problems. For example, the source code like: > 
> if(compare_names(db, INFOSCHEMA_NAME.str) != 0) >      DBUG_RETURN(NULL); > 
> …… >  DBUG_RETURN(share); >  If db does not equal to
> INFOSCHEMA_NAME.str, it will return null. But in debugging, it jumps to last statement
> DBUG_RETURN(share) any way. >  Sometimes some statements will display and run in gdb
> 2-3 times. >  Does the source code text file have some problems? Sergei, how do you
> debug MySQL internal?  

    I replaced -O2 by -O0 in my storage engine, and it worked well. Another
stupid question.

   Today infoschema_discover seems work right. It succeed in creating
INFORMATION_SCHEMA.ENGINES table's TABLE_SHARE, and it work right and
   reaches to ha_infoschema::rnd and ha_infoschema::rnd_next. I will add others I_S
tables' definitions into I_S storage engine soon. After this, fetching
   data for I_S tables will start.

  GSoC midterm surveys are coming soon. Do I have any problems about it? Or Do I have
anthing to do for it? I think the problem is my branch can
not be push to launchpad.


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