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From:Derek Schaefer Date:June 29 2009 10:48pm
Subject:GSoC Week 3 - Smooth Sailing
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Greetings all,

Your humble compatriot, Derek Schaefer, checking in again!

Key Accomplishments Last Week
 - Improved upon the existing XML export plug-in. Now there is an
option to include SQL creation code (”SHOW CREATE TABLE `ASDF`;”) for
each table that is exported.
 - Optimized the XML import plug-in. It is now much more efficient,
both in terms of memory usage and execution speed.

Key Tasks that Stalled Last Week
 - I didn’t get around to bringing the CSV plug-in up to speed with my
import library extensions. Although, this isn’t so bad considering
this is not one of my midterm goals. Rather, it is one of my final
goals. Still have plenty of time!

Key Concerns
 - New import interface, or no new import interface? That is the question.
 - Decide upon the new XML export schema.
 - I have asked the PMA developer community for advice on both of
these issues, so hopefullly I’ll be able to make a move with these

Tasks in the Upcoming Week
 - Prepare for the midterm evaluation!
 - Determine the best course of action regarding the import interface.
 - Add all the strings to the core English language file and link them
up appropriately.
 - Make further optimizations to the import library extensions (this
will require some research into PHP’s underlying library behavior).
 - Finish making the modifications to the CSV plug-in.

Have a good one!
     - Derek
GSoC Week 3 - Smooth SailingDerek Schaefer30 Jun