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From:Sergei Golubchik Date:June 1 2009 12:44pm
Subject:Re: GSoC Week 4 - I_S/P_S storage engine
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Hi, Robin!

On Jun 01, scut_tang wrote:
> =============================
> More clear about the old and new implementation of I_S.
> Extend the part of old implementation of wiki.
> Push the code to:
> lp:~scut-tang/mysql-server/mysql-6.0-infoschema
> But it is just a skeleton, renamed from example storage engine.

No, it's not pushed.

Looking at
I see "Recent revisions: This branch has not been pushed to yet."

That is, you've created a branch on launchpad, but haven't pushed the
source code there yet.

> ===================
> Think about new implementation of Sergei's idea and have a blueprint
> in my mind, which will write into wiki.

> ============
> 1. Does the I_S storage engine support write/update? For what
> situation? I think all I_S table would be readonly.

You can start from readonly tables, but eventually we need to support
updates too. Certain P_S tables are writable.

> 2. What does the table descriptor in the wiki mean? Is it a new one or
> TABLE struture?

A structure that "describes" a table. Currently a pair of structures
ST_SCHEMA_TABLE and ST_FIELD_INFO describe the table. You implementation
will have something similar.

> 3. I want to define I_S table like the old implementation, which has
> field definition and some callbacks. Does it work?

Absolutely. That's how it should be done.

> And how is the index definition?

Something similar. struct ST_INDEX_INFO perhaps ?

> 4. You said it is good for a clear API for I_S plugins, separate from
> server internals. But I think there must be some special for I_S
> storage engine. Because before "SELECT * FROM database.table", "USE
> database" must perform. So user must perform "USE INFORMATION_SCHEMA"
> before a query of I_S table, and this is not like the current style.

Arjen already replied to that.

> 5. Will perfschema storage engine formally enter into MySQL code base
> in the future? I saw some storage engines in mysql-6.0-perfschema have
> some variables about perfschema. My source code is based on
> mysql-6.0-perfschema. 

Yes, it will.
What engines have what variables ?
Regards / Mit vielen Grüßen,

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