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From:Colin Charles Date:September 4 2007 3:34pm
Subject:Quick Interview Questions
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Here are some interview questions, for students, as I plan to compile 
this into an article on the DevZone so we can feature your code and project

I need the following, dropped to me via email (colin@stripped). 
Answering soonest, will be best :)

Mentor Located In:
Occupation: (did you have a summer job?)
Nickname: (on IRC, if you dropped into #mysql-dev)
Hardware: (you developed on)
Location of SoC work:

What is your SoC project for MySQL?

Is the SoC your first experience in open source development?

How has your project progressed so far?

When did you first hear about MySQL?

What motivates you to work on your MySQL project (besides the sweet 
money Google is providing!)?

Describe your development environment.
(linux distro? fave editor? send a screenshot? are you a messy developer 
with a dirty desk? etc.)

What attracts you about open source? Does it have to do with resumes?

Are you planning on continuing working with your MySQL-related code, 
even after the SoC ends?

	thanks & kind regards
Colin Charles, Community Relations Manager, APAC
MySQL AB, Melbourne, Australia,
Mobile: +614 12 593 292 / Ekiga/Skype/Gizmo: colincharles

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Quick Interview QuestionsColin Charles4 Sep