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From:Charlie Cahoon Date:August 31 2007 6:00pm
Subject:MySQL Test Creator at the end of SOC 2007
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At the end of the Google Summer of Code 2007, the MySQL Test Creator tool is
far more functional than at the midterm assesment.  The following features
have been implemented:

Recording single connection test cases
Recording multiple connection test cases
Macros that allow the user to view the test file or result file, reset the
test case, change the name of the macros, output to a specific file name,
and force the test case to be written to disk without stopping the recording
Automatically dropping any tables that are created in the test case, and a
macro to include a .inc file
A test suite with test cases that test basic functionality

The problem herein lies with the features that are implemented, but need to
be expanded upon or completed for the project to be complete.  To achieve
the goals stated for this project, there is still more work to
do, and I believe that one additional week of work will allow me to finish
it. In practical terms, what remains to do is finish implementing a looping
structure that allows the same set of queries to be executed N times, N
being at the user's discresion.  I need to update the NO_ERRORS macro to be
more customizable, which will include adding another macro, LOG_ERRORS, to
create a more versatile error handling environment.  The final goal is to
complete the test suite, write more tests that test as much of the
functionality of the tool as possible.

I am dedicated to meeting these goals in the next week and I also intend to
support this project while it is still gaining support and features for the
time being.

Charlie Cahoon

MySQL Test Creator at the end of SOC 2007Charlie Cahoon31 Aug