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From:Warren Kenny Date:July 14 2007 11:06am
Subject:Progress Report - MySQL Auditing Software - Traffic Analyzer Component
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I've completed some key steps this week; Server Handshake and Client
Credentials packets are now being decoded smoothly without any memory leaks
being introduced along the way. I've tied the data extracted from these
packets into the session-tracking classes I already have in place and hope
to be able to decode server response and client command packets very soon.

Once that's done, the core of the component will be basically complete and I
can then move on to writing classes for connecting to the auditing database
and inserting information into it. Before then, however, I'll need to port
my existing code over to the Windows branch. I'm not using any particularly
exotic libraries so I don't expect that to pose much of a problem.

Progress Report - MySQL Auditing Software - Traffic Analyzer ComponentWarren Kenny14 Jul