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From:Colin Charles Date:June 3 2008 1:42am
Subject:MySQL Sandbox (WAS: Re: Fwd: GSoC Weekly Report - Week 1)
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On 6/3/08 Raj Kissu wrote:


This applies to all students, so please read...

>    - Install and learn to use QEMU on Fedora. This way I can setup a 
>    binary on a virtual OS running on the same machine (my laptop) 
> without
>    having to manage the mess of handling multiple MySQL binaries

Please let me introduce you to MySQL Sandbox

Its easy to use, and you don't have to muck around with any 
virtualization at all. In fact, you can have MySQL running in a 
"sandbox" environment in under 5 seconds :)


Also, for virtualization, consider VirtualBox :)

It comes with a GUI, and I've had more success with it on Fedora than 
kvm, to install things like Windows... kvm works fine for Linuxes, but 
VirtualBox is just more integrated and works well for all sorts of 
varied guests (save for the 64-bit guests at the moment)

Hope this helps!
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