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From:Warren Kenny Date:June 21 2007 9:26am
Subject:Progress Report - MySQL Auditing Software - Traffic Analyzer Component
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Step 1 in the construction of the Traffic Analyzer module has been
completed. The current prototype can capture traffic passively and display
their contents and/or dump to a file. More details on the requirements for
step 1 can be found here:

Currently I am working on a class for decoding MySQL-specific commands from
packet payloads using the information on the MySQL Forge site's MySQL
Internals documentation as a basis

Additionally I am implementing classes for tracking sessions based on
connection information and decoded user credentials in initial connection

Once I've implemented these features I intend to begin work porting the code
to the Windows branch, using winpcap instead of libpcap and making whatever
other changes are necessary.


Progress Report - MySQL Auditing Software - Traffic Analyzer ComponentWarren Kenny21 Jun