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From:Daniel Donckers Date:January 25 2007 2:56pm
Subject:RE: Multiple Masters to a Single Slave Server
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If you aren't looking for a merged copy you can just start multiple
instances on different ports with separate data stores (different
directory for each process).  The replication for each slave processes
would take place normally.

MySQL 5.1 is supposed to support the "Star" topology where One Slave
replicates from Multiple Master servers but this is not in general
release yet and is not advised for production environments.

There are some references on the net for doing this with a single data
store shared between multiple slave processes in 5.0.x.
Multiple Masters with One Slave:,12230,12230
Circular Replication:
MySQL Documentation - mysqld_multi:

This should get you started.

Daniel J. Donckers

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I have a client with three branches running the same program and having
MYSQL server running at each branch. What they would like to do is have
branch replicate to an offsite server as a backup. Has anyone done
similar to this? 



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