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From:<mark_round Date:December 17 2004 1:23pm
Subject:Problems with replication restarting
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Hi all,

I'm having some troubles with replication, in particular restarting a
slave. I'm using MySQL 4.0.22 for the slave, and 4.0.21 as the master.
I've followed the instructions as per the manual, and replication is now
working fine. 

However, when I restart the slave (through init scripts, or when
rebooting the server etc.), instead of continuing on from where it left
off, it appears to start again from the beginning. This is confirmed by
watching the value of Relay_Log_Pos from SHOW SLAVE STATUS\G.

I suspect this has something to do with the fact that when the slave is
set up (as per the instructions at, the "CHANGE
MASTER" statement is issued, and this sets the MASTER_LOG_POS and
MASTER_LOG_FILE paramaters to their initial values. It appears that
these values do not get changed or updated after the slave is started.

Could someone please inform me whether this is "abnormal" behaviour (it
would seem to be, as each restart of the slave would cause it to lag
further and further behind the master), and if so, how to fix it ? 

Many thanks in advance,


PS:- I found another user with exactly the same problem, who detailed
his experience here :,2498. 
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Problems with replication restartingmark_round17 Dec